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Someone rightly said that to be successful, you need to stay informed. Keeping yourself informed not only helps you to stay abreast of daily happenings but also helps to up your intelligence levels significantly. So when someone discusses about the latest in education that matter, you don't have to be hard-pressed for words. Being informed not only helps you to have a snapshot of current events, developments and changes but also equips you to decide in a better way.

We get informed mostly by reading. But we only read what someone else wrote. What if no one has written about your problem or question? There should be an avenue to ask and get answers. And while the questions are being asked and answered, they are saved for future reference for those who may later have similar questions.

The purpose of CampusQuests is to create a platform where questions about schooling can be asked and those who know can answer. It is a community of people with school interests to meet, share knowledge and mingle. But most importantly is to ask and answer questions.

In comparing CampusQuests with the various educational WhatsApp groups, they are of the same purpose which is for coming together to mingle, ask questions and to answer questions. CampusQuests is different from the educational WhatsApp groups in the sense that it makes the categorization, storage and retrieval of discussions possible. Discussions on WhatsApp groups are stored but not retrievable and not in categories. So, laying your hands on past discussions is stressful and sometimes impossible. CampusQuests allows you to get info by searching, going to categories or using hashtags or even asking afresh and those who know would answer.

Welcome to CampusQuests, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community about schooling and life. Help someone today and you might be adding value to a life.

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