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I deemed it necessary (in my opinion) to share how best to use the post UTME past questions in preparing for your post UTME examination. These are study techniques shared by good students who did not only passed their post UTME examination in one seating but with high scores. The truth is, there are different study techniques and the best result justifies the best technique. It is not about possessing all the text books and past questions. It is about making judicious use of them. 


Let me tell you this truth; Post UTME past questions and answers can be valuable revision tools – but used improperly, they can set you up for exam hall disasterSo, how is past questions beneficial? 

Benefits of post UTME past questions 

To study effectively for post UTME exams, the key to genuine success is understanding. Your understanding of topics is majorly dependent on how well you study textbooks. Your past questions and answers can only benefit you in the following way:

1. To know the pattern of questions you will face

2. To detect your strength and weakness

3. To help you focus on the right things to study

4. To help you practice to improve your efficiency and accuracy

5. To feed you back on your knowledge and understanding of the topics/course

6. To give you info on the difficulty of the exam

7. To warm up your mind and memory

Warning: Past questions are not textbooks and original study materials. Exams questions could change,  pattern could change, things could turn out differently and by then, only what you know and understand would help you. So, basically understanding is the Koko (life and direct). Now,  back to how best to use the past questions and answers. 

How to use past questions and answers 

To make judicious use of the past questions 

1. You need a lot of time to study all your notes and complete all the topics/chapters from your textbooks and be thorough in the particular subject. Always solve the questions at the end of the topic in your textbook to thoroughly know that topic. 

2. Assume you're in exam setting, timing yourself as you solve tons of problems from the past question. solve all question in that particular year and subject without skipping any one and without looking at the answers first before answering.  

3. Mark and score yourself by comparing your own answers with the correct given answers. Do not favour yourself as you would be doing yourself harm than good. In fact, you only deceive yourself by being linient to yourself.

4. Outline the questions you failed and know the fundamental reason you failed them by going back to study the particular topics of the question with your textbook. It is always advantageous to use different textbooks for a subject for better understanding. Repeat this step for each question failed without skipping any. Skipping questions is very dangerous. 

5. Where you don't understand the reason for failing a particular question even after consulting the textbooks, it is time to consult humans. You could ask your colleagues, teachers, seniors or even bring it on to Campusquests. CampusQuests.com was founded for reasons like this. Ask questions and anyone who knows would galdly assist you by answering it. 

So far, some post UTME past questions and answers for some schools have been submitted here for free download. Do well to use the search at the top right corner to look for a particular School's post UTME past questions. Also, do well to support others by submitting a past question, telling friends about this platform and by answering people's questions here so as to promote better learning for the good of everyone. 
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