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Here is a compilation of all subjects post utme past questions and answers of the great university of Ibadan. Feel free to download and share with friends.

Univeristy-of-ibadan-post-utme-all-subjects-past-questions-with-answers.pdf (1,9 MB)

The PDF file above contains the past questions and answers of the university of Ibadan post utme in all the subjects for all the faculties. This P&Q covers many years and the subjects covered include 

Mathematics, English, Economics, Geography, Agriculture, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, CRS, History, Financial Accounting and Government.

Past questions and answers help you to know the nature and scope of the post UTME examination. This helps to boost your confidence before the exam having made a thorough preparation touching every part of the subjects with the aid of the past questions. Note that exact questions may not come out in your exams but having practised and studied with the aid of the past questions, you should be able to attempt similar questions.

Your mindset when using past questions and answers should be that it helps to guide your reading and to test your speed and accuracy. For instance, a question in a past questions and answers book could expose a particular topic you have not touched. You may want to read how best to use the past questions during studies.

Making good use of past questions help to improve and get you ready for your exam. So, feel free to download the UI past questions and answers by clicking the link provided. Remember to share with friends.

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Here is another UI post utme past questions. 

UI PUTME PAST QUESTION 2016{08061141999}-2.pdf (5,2 MB)


Download and share. If you wish to share your own with others here, kindly do so by uploading with the comment button.

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