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The academic board of Yabatech (Yaba College of Technology, Yaba)  through its registrar,  Dr.  S. O.  Momudu has directed all lecturers of the institution to start engaging the students with lectures online starting from Monday - May 25,2020 during the covid-19 period. This is inline with the directive of the Minister of Education, Hon. Adamu Adamu.

The honourable minister had directed all universities, polytechnics and colleges of education to activate virtual learning environment to enable students to continue their studies through digital devices as there was no date in sight for the resumption of schools which were shut nationwide to curb the spread of the noble coronavirus in the country.

Schools have started implementing the virtual learning system and Yabatech is not left out. Below is an excerpt from the circular signed by the registra;

Further to the drective of the Miniter of Education the Academic Board at its meeting held on Friday, May 8, 2020 considered the modalities for E-Leaming for all students during the COVD 19 period and resolved an follows:

1. On-line Teaching should commence for all categories of students by Monday. May 25 2020

2. All Acadernic staff should engage their students through online lectures.

3. There will be two (2) weeks normal practical classes after the on-line teaching before the semester examination.

4 Academic staff are advised to use any convenierit on-line teaching platform like Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Classroom etc to interact with the students.

5. Academic staff are requested to inform their various Heads of Department of the specific on-line teaching platform adopted,

6 The Head of Department should be included in whichever platform adopted for ease of supervision.


Yaba College of Technology is Nigeria's first higher educational institution which was founded in 1947. It is located in Yaba, Lagos. It has a student enrollment of over 16,000. Yabatech students had been at home since the outbreak of coronavirus without any hope of resumption in the nearest future. The online learning would go along way to prevent a prolonged academic year. 

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